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78 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9PA  U.K.
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Open 11am - 7pm every day outside holiday periods.
Tel. 0207 813 3051
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78  ★  The Astrology Shop, London  ★  78

Books, birth charts, crystals, cards, sundials, tarot and more..

Today's chart:
Planet positions on:
Tuesday 22 October 2019 9:39 pm GMT
The Moon is just past the third quarter.
☉ Sun: 29°11' Libra ♎
☽ Moon: 16°58' Leo ♌
☿ Mercury: 23°26' Scorpio ♏
♀ Venus: 17°38' Scorpio ♏
♂ Mars: 12°05' Libra ♎
♃ Jupiter: 21°39' Sagittarius ♐
♄ Saturn: 14°52' Capricorn ♑
♅ Uranus: 4°49' Taurus ♉
♆ Neptune: 16°16' Pisces ♓
♇ Pluto: 20°43' Capricorn ♑
☊ True Node: 11°23' Cancer ♋
⚷ Chiron: 2°32' Aries ♈
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Number 78, Neal Street - just off Shaftesbury Avenue, in the heart of London's West End, a short walk from Covent Garden's famous street entertainers, or (in the other direction) Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road - is the home of the famous London Astrology shop, a 'must' to visit for anyone even slightly curious about the cosmic forces that affect all our lives!

We stock a huge selection of Crystals and Gemstones, and dozens of different Tarot packs, as well as Feng-Shui accessories, incense, loads of astrological books and bits and bobs, buddha figures, candles, dreamcatchers, and pretty things! Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the items you need, and our in-store computer-assisted systems can calculate and print personalised astrological birth-charts and interpretations while-you-wait.

Neal Street itself is pedestrianized, and lined with many unique and specialist shops. The nearest tube stations are Tottenham Court Road (Central and Northern lines) and Covent Garden (Piccadilly line), each being only a short walk away. Call in to see us, any day!

To get in touch, use the form here to email us, or email us directly - shop [at] - or call in anytime from 11am to 7pm any day (outside Holiday periods). Please follow us on social media or telephone for up to date opening hours.

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78 Neal Street
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· The London Astrology Shop ·
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78 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9PA  U.K.
email: shop [at]
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